Believing the Word

         The study of a recent Lesson-Sermon has impelled me to relate my experience, so similar to the healing of the nobleman's son, as recorded in the fourth chapter of John. My son was suffering with what materia medica diagnosed as fistula, and during the space of two years, at different times, had been under the treatment of three eminent physicians, yet "was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse." It was then, returning home from a neighboring town where he was employed, suffering and discouraged, that he signified his intention of submitting, as advised, to an operation, which, from the nature of the case, was deemed a serious one.

         I had but recently taken up the study of Christian Science, but long enough to realize its healing truth, so urged my boy to give up materia medica and try Christian Science. After I had talked with him of God as Love and the only power, he agreed he would let me treat him, saying he would return to his work and would not see a physician, but should he continue to grow worse, would again come home and go to the hospital for an operation.

         As I prayed for him as we are taught in Christian Science, my problem seemed great, until one afternoon while reading, the light of Truth flooded my consciousness, and as in a mathematical problem it is not the length of time or the number of figures utilized in the solution which counts, but that moment in which the understanding is gained, so "the influx of light was sudden" (Science and Health, p. 47). Our Leader tells us on page 43 of our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," that "the advent of this understanding is what is meant by the descent of the Holy Ghost, — that influx of divine Science which so illuminated the Pentecostal Day and is now repeating its ancient history." Then I heard the Christ, Truth, say, "Go thy way; thy son liveth," and I "believed the word." Absent from the body and present with the Lord, I said, "Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me," and going to my desk, without a moment's hesitation I wrote these words: "My son, you are healed." Having inclosed this in an envelope and directed it, I sent it to the mailbox.

         At the end of that week my son returned home again, this time radiant with joy. His first words were: "Mother, I am healed. When I first received that line from you I did not know what to think; then I remembered that I had not thought of my trouble for twenty-four hours, the exact time it took your communication to reach me, and I realized that there was no pain, no soreness, and I was healed." So I knew that he began to amend "at the same hour in the which" the Christ, Truth, said, "Thy son liveth." Healed by absent treatment in less than one week, three years ago, and with no return of the ailment ever manifested, my son is well and happy.

         Since then we have had many healings in the home; but whenever doubt or fear would clamor for recognition, I would always look back to this early demonstration and know that God is "the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever," and that "the Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth." In the words of an eminent lawyer in referring to Christian Science, "You cannot measure the joy that comes to the human heart through the acceptance of a religious faith like this, even though you had a measure that would girdle the earth and reach the stars."


"Believing the Word" by Lucy D. Ninde
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1920

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