Affirmations of Truth

         An affirmation may be either true or false. A liar intending to deceive may make an affirmation of falsehood. The ignorant may unwittingly affirm error as truth. Is it not evident that the sole potency of an affirmation lies in the truth of the affirmation?

         Few persons will deny the truth of the affirmation, "God is good." This is a basic statement of Christian Science. All Christians admit that, as John says, "all things were made by him [God]; and without him was not anything made that was made." It follows that God and His creation comprise all that exists. God is Spirit. He made man in His own image and likeness. Man therefore is not "spirit" but spiritual; that is, he possesses through reflection the qualities of Spirit, God, his creator and Father. Further, God must be perfect, and it likewise follows that man in His image is also perfect; that is, expresses perfection. Christian Science teaches the sick man the truth about God and about himself as the son of God. This enables him to see and to affirm the truth, which is potent to lift his thought out of his mistaken sense of life into reality, — into the desirable condition of health and right living, conditions not created by his affirmation but recognized by it.

         The work of Christian Science is so to correct human thought as to unfold the understanding of the truth; namely, that God is, that He made all, and that all conditions for man and the universe are already perfect and have only to be seen and recognized as such. That what we call human existence is not the reality of being has for ages been perceived by great thinkers. Wordsworth calls it "a sleep and a forgetting." The truth about God and man is awakening many from the dream of suffering, drunkenness, discouragement, poverty, loneliness, self-depreciation, discontent, homelessness, uselessness, and oppression. This is why men turn to Christian Science.

         The nothingness of matter as taught in Christian Science is the simple, direct deduction from the basic truth of Christian Science; namely, that God, Spirit, is all, and there is none beside Him. The writings of Mrs. Eddy clear up this much discussed and greatly misunderstood question. It is manifest that the healings of Jesus were entirely through spiritual methods. Those who came to him he healed through the truth. As the psalmist says, "He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." The only mystery in spiritual healing lies in the darkness of doubt and materiality. Faith and spirituality always have recognized that "with God all things are possible."


Excerpt from "Selected Articles"
Christian Science Sentinel, November 22, 1919

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