Above and Beyond

         It is related that over in France, after a battle of unusual intensity that had raged all night and left the fields covered with bodies of the slain, the morning dawned with a wonderful peace and tranquility. Contrasting strangely with the gruesome sights of the battlefield were the beautiful sunrise, the marvelous tints of the sky, the perfume of flowers growing everywhere abundantly on the battlefield, and the joyous caroling of the birds, glad that the sun had risen — all seeming to contradict and deny the presence of death and horror. It was as though somewhere in the great world of life there was a consciousness that had no knowledge of discord, a consciousness that was above and beyond the power of evil to penetrate or disturb.

         Upon the troubled scene of mortal existence, not very unlike that of the battlefield, for on every side we see the marks of conflict, men falling by the wayside, the ravages of sin, disease, and death — upon this troubled scene the dawn of Christian Science arises, dispelling the dark shadows and revealing a consciousness that is above and beyond the power of evil to disturb, revealing a wonderful peace and an understanding that heals and saves. It is the consciousness of the infinite God. That this consciousness is attainable by each and every one is the message of Christian Science.


Excerpted from a lecture introduction by B. F. West
Christian Science Sentinel, December 20, 1919

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