Extracts from Letters

         In a letter dated April 6, 1956, Bliss Knapp wrote to a student:

         Animal magnetism requires more than a simple declaration. It is only when one is abiding in the conscious reality of the divine Spirit that his handling of animal magnetism can be really effective. Remember the wilderness experience of our Master, he named the devil "Satan" which was tempting him; when named, the tempter left him. God told Mrs. Eddy to rename Satan "animal magnetism", and be sure you do not omit identifying him with his real name.

         In a letter dated April 28, 1956, Mr. Knapp wrote:

         . . . In similar problems with other students, I have asked them to read through the chapter "Animal Magnetism Unmasked" in S&H five times a day until the difficulty is met. The prescription has worked very well with others. Each reading gets new ideas on the subject, sometimes to their astonishment. The depth of your earnestness will determine how much of this you will be willing to do for yourself.


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