Changing Our Standpoint

         "When understanding changes the standpoints of life and intelligence from a material to a spiritual basis, we shall gain the reality of Life, the control of Soul over sense, and we shall perceive Christianity, or Truth, in its divine Principle." In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 322) Mrs. Eddy thus points out a primal necessity in the demonstration of Christian Science. Its students, therefore, must learn to work from a strictly spiritual standpoint if they are to gain that "control of Soul over sense" which it is God's purpose they shall utilize in proving their unity with their Maker.

         Now it is quite generally acknowledged that the comprehension of any subject or object depends largely upon the standpoint from which it is viewed. Always the vision is in accord with the viewpoint. If one looks through green glass, all thus seen will appear to be green. If one is mistakenly educated in a certain direction, whatever is considered from such wrong standpoint will be judged according to the false education, and false conclusions will inevitably result. If the standpoint has any element of materiality in it, matter will as certainly seem to appear in that which is being contemplated; hence to gain a perfectly correct understanding of anything one must be sure of an equally accurate basis from which to view it.

         It is therefore of utmost importance that the truth of life and intelligence as spiritual, not material, be first of all accepted, if the demonstration which Christian Science demands of its every adherent is to be carried on successfully. All Christian Scientists may agree to this theoretically; but they do not always recognize that an unceasing vigilance is needed if a spiritual basis is to be their unalterable standpoint from which every problem is to be solved. Many a prayer, many an honest struggle, many a deep experience often appears to be needed before one learns the lesson of approaching all Christian Science demonstration from the unchangeable standpoint of Spirit and spirituality.

         In Science and Health (p. 326) our Leader tells us: "Saul of Tarsus beheld the way — the Christ, or Truth — only when his uncertain sense of right yielded to a spiritual sense, which is always right. Then the man was changed. Thought assumed a nobler outlook, and his life became more spiritual." The Christian Scientist is indeed wise who takes this same position and does all his work from this perfect spiritual standpoint. Nevertheless, how frequently in the stress of some problem which demands instant attention is he tempted to contemplate the error presented to his thought from error's own standpoint, rather than with the quick recognition that because it does not belong to Spirit and spirituality, — because it is not of God, — it must be without entity, power, or reality.

         How often the student is made to forget that his standpoint must be the truth of spiritual being, the fact of God's allness and error's nothingness! He is sometimes betrayed into giving altogether too much thought to error and its false demands, instead of standing unflinchingly on the basis of "a spiritual sense, which is always right." The very fact that he sees it is error which is claiming to assert itself should be sufficient reason for turning immediately to the truth and staying there, so that "the control of Soul over sense" may be demonstrated.

         Over and over again our Leader emphasizes this necessity of looking away from matter and its false claims to law, and of resting our demonstration on the truth of spiritual existence, — on the fact of God and His perfect creation as the only real. Jesus also gave us this same invincible law when he commanded, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness." He promised we should then have the added things! Only as we work from a spiritual standpoint, which is ever pure and wise, which is ever holy and good, can we expect to gain the perfect results which Jesus always won.

         All this places before us the demand that we, like Paul, should once and for all time change our "uncertain sense of right" to "a spiritual sense, which is always right." With such a glorious goal as this we will gladly renounce all belief in matter and its claims to be good and evil; we will relinquish personal sense with its alluring, deceptive arguments; we will drop the thought of body with all the beliefs that it can possess pleasure, pain, or reality. Then we shall joyously lay hold of that spiritual standpoint which so understands the things of God that all healing will be instantaneous, God's kingdom indeed appear "in earth, as it is in heaven," and Christianity be perceived "in its divine Principle."


"Changing Our Standpoint" by Ella W. Hoag, CSD
Christian Science Sentinel, January 17, 1925

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