Demonstrating Love

        All Christian Scientists accept John's definition of God as "love." They therefore recognize that if each one is to prove he is individually and spiritually the image and likeness of God, each must understand and demonstrate the love which is holy and divine. They are none of them deceived into believing that this is a light undertaking; they know that only the most unselfed consecration and effort can enable them to manifest their unity with God, divine Love. Through the revelation of Christian Science, however, they are shown that it is a glorious pathway they are to traverse this pathway which leads continually away from evil to good.

         Few come to Christian Science without for the most part having known something of the heart hunger which results from the seeming lack of loving and being loved divinely. None of them had previously understood that there is an absolute Science which perfectly defines both Love and loving and points the way whereby every supposititious counterfeit may be recognized and avoided.

         We all love to talk about Love. We love to talk of how this Love may be expressed in various fashion. It is, however, of yet more consequence so to live love that the sick are instantaneously healed thereby. And yet such living is the acknowledged goal of every honest student of Christian Science. Then how is such living to be brought about?

         Under the light of this Science we see that here and now each individual as the child of God is in reality the perfect likeness of divine Love. We also are taught in Science that we have but to cling steadfastly to this truth, refusing all that is unlike it, in order to have Truth and Love reign. But what faithfulness of endeavor, what constant watchfulness, what singleness of purpose does this require! As the light of divine Love begins to flow into one's consciousness as the result of following the simple rule of affirming Truth and denying error, we find that many a struggle must ensue before self-love yields the ground it has for so long called its own.

         It sometimes takes us a long time to be willing to recognize that this same self-love is invariably the main deterrent to our realization and demonstration of the omnipresence and omnipotence of divine Love. We wander around in our thinking through all sorts of materially constructed mental mazes. We wonder why we are not more quickly able to banish unlovely beliefs from our consciousness; why we do not feel a more spontaneous love towards our brother; why we do not do better healing work. In "No and Yes" (p. 20) our beloved Leader answers all these "whys" in a simple but most illuminating sentence. There she has written, "Ever-present Love must seem ever absent to ever-present selfishness or material sense."

         This, then, is the great difficulty that we do not see quickly enough that the claims of material sense are all inherently claims of selfishness; that there is never a claim of matter which does not in some way base itself in selfishness or self-love. To lay down selfishness is, then, the paramount duty of every Christian Scientist is the way whereby we may prove our unity with divine Love, which gives us dominion over every claim of matter. We all know how important it is that we obey every least prompting of divine Love to that unselfishness of thought and service which seeks its own happiness and joy in relinquishing every selfish desire or purpose that its neighbor may receive the blessing. There is no day when many an opportunity does not present itself wherein we may replace personal, selfish, material wishes with the reflection of love to others in thought, word, and deed.

         Paul tells us that "love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law." Let us, therefore, walk patiently, joyously, along this path wherein we learn to demonstrate this law of Love. It is a long lesson, for everyone must press on until every least taint of selfishness has been brought out from under cover, rebuked, and relinquished, has been proved unreal through the demonstration of that divine Love which is indeed the only reality and the only power.


"Demonstrating Love" by Ella W. Hoag, CSD
Christian Science Sentinel, October 9, 1926

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