Christian Science Testimony

          I give this testimony in humility and love to help someone who needs encouragement. What a beautiful blessing it is to have ever near us a God who knows only good! Then man, as God's reflection, can know only good. It is just our own misconceptions that would make our tender Father-Mother God seem afar off. When temptation comes, whether it be sin, sickness, poverty, or what not, we need only to draw closer to God and know that as we replace sense-testimony with spiritual reality there is nothing left to cause anxiety.

          We have enjoyed many blessings in our little family. Severe carbuncle, fevers, colds, poisoning, injured knee, defective eyesight, granulated eyelids, snow-blindness — in fact, all our ills — have been met with the truth only. The birth of our little son, now five years old, was painless. Later, when to sense I was passing on, Truth again proved to be the only power. A large lump on the baby's head and a skin rash disappeared overnight. The birth of our little daughter was also very harmonious.

          We had experienced one financial loss after another, until we finally seemed at the end of our material resources. To those who may be discouraged at not overcoming error quickly I would say, Do not be discouraged, but apply God's truths a little more firmly. God's hand "is not shortened, that it cannot save." Through persistently seeing our needs as purely spiritual, we shall inevitably express plenty in our lives. When material sense would make us believe our case was hopeless, we just knew our unity with God would provide for each day. And so it did. I would not exchange the whole world and its riches for the spiritual growth gained during the five years of this bittersweet trial. Our emerging from the deep waters is sure, though at times it seems slow. We cannot be grateful enough for our dear and faithful practitioners, who so lovingly help to lift our thoughts above the material seeming. I am grateful to God that Mary Baker Eddy was so receptive of Truth and so loving that she could give us "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and all her other writings. The study of the Bible and of Science and Health is priceless. We never turn to these books in vain if we are truly in earnest, and willing to part with the material beliefs which are but so many chains about us. Each trial is just another opportunity to prove God's allness, and to demonstrate our sincerity and gratitude for this life-giving study. I pray that my life may attest my gratitude.

Ma-Belle Balzhiser
Junction City, Oregon


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, July 25, 1925

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