Christian Science Testimony

          I have received such wonderful benefit from Christian Science that I should like in gratitude to tell something of what it has done for me.

          I was cleaning the kitchen table and rubbing it very vigorously, when suddenly I struck my arm on something sharp, and on investigating I discovered two ends of cotton thread protruding from my wrist. Lying on the table was part of a needle very much bent; the other part was in my arm. I got a friend to pull the cotton so as to extract the needle, but the cotton broke, leaving the needle deeply embedded in the flesh. The first week my arm looked very bad and fear tried to creep in, so I went to a Christian Science practitioner, who lovingly gave me treatment. Some time elapsed, during which I read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and other works by Mary Baker Eddy. All fear left me, and I was able to go about my work in the usual way. I did not use any material remedies whatever, but just trusted in God, knowing that Christian Science would not fail me, and that absolute reliance on divine Principle will always overcome any form of error if one but has that reliance. At the end of the fifth week half an inch of needle and one inch of cotton thread came out of my wrist quite painlessly, and the wrist healed at once.

          This was a proof to me that God governs, and that therefore all our affairs will be harmonious if we trust Him. I am most grateful to God and to Christ Jesus, the Way-shower, and to Mrs. Eddy for Science and Health.

Alice Julia Brookes
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1926

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