Paralysis Healed

         Leon Castine, thirteen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Castine of Myrtle street, is able to walk, talk, and enjoy himself generally, after being in a state of almost complete paralysis nearly a year. Within the past few weeks he had been much worse than in the preceding months of his illness, but on Oct. 5 he experienced a sudden change, arose from his bed and walked about normally. His case had attracted the attention of several Brattleboro physicians, but nothing appeared to help him. A few weeks ago the family decided to see if Christian Science would help him, and accordingly they called in a well-known Brattleboro woman, who gave the boy Christian Science treatment. For the first week or two after she began treating him he did not improve, but on Oct. 4 he startled his parents by calling out to them from his room and when they went in to ask him what the matter was he said that he could walk. He arose from the bed unassisted and walked about the house, a little later going out into the yard in his night clothes and running about. He was taken back into the house and dressed, and since then he has been going about as he did before his illness. It was about a year ago that he first complained of pains over his eyes, but at that time an eye specialist could find nothing the matter with his eyes. Later he became almost paralyzed, losing all use of his body except that he could move his right hand a little. He could eat, but he was unable to talk and did not recognize the people about him. At one time he was taken to the Farren Memorial hospital in Montague for treatment, but without any improvement in his condition. Since his recovery it is apparent that his mind was a blank during his illness. He has greeted his child companions as though it were only a day or two ago that they last saw each other.


Reprinted from the Vermont Phoenix
Christian Science Sentinel, December 18, 1909

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