Christian Science Testimony

         To tell all that has been done for me and my family would take too long; but when I first heard of Christian Science I had been in a very bad condition for a year, in fact life seemed a burden, and I was patiently waiting to die and get through with it all, as I then supposed. When I was taken to see a practitioner, I was wearing dark glasses, as the least light seemed to give me pain. I had never heard of Christian Science before, but the name appealed to me, and when the practitioner, after treating me, told me that I did not need to wear glasses, I removed them at once, and walked home in the bright sunlight, and I have never had to wear them since.

         This was many years ago, and while I have never for a moment doubted that Christian Science is true, it is only about two years since I learned to make its truth practical, not only in the healing of sickness, but in overcoming worry in financial affairs, in managing help, doing housework, in everything that comes up in daily experience. Christian Science has saved me from much worry and fear in bringing up my children, and has helped them in attacks of fever, colds, accidents, and many other things.

         I had been troubled with a stomach disorder since childhood, and could never get much relief until after three or four days of suffering. Even when I was treated by a practitioner, this ailment did not yield entirely for some time, possibly because I thought the attacks had to last that long, and so I unconsciously clung to the pain. One day, however, I was taken with a very severe attack, and having company at the time, I left the room and threw myself on the bed, thoroughly discouraged as I thought of the suffering I would have to endure for the next three days or more, when suddenly these words from the Bible came to me: "And immediately the man was made whole." "Why, of course," I said to myself, "Jesus never waited days to heal, he healed immediately," and I got right up and went into the other room, for the pain had all disappeared.

         I am very grateful to Mrs. Eddy, and also to all who have helped me gain an understanding of the all-power of God. No money could buy my copy of Science and Health if I could not obtain another, and I would feel as if I had lost much if I could not have the Sentinel, the Journal, and the Quarterly. There was a time when I was unwilling to study the Lesson-Sermon even once a week, but now I never miss doing so daily, as it makes the day brighter for me and my work easier.

Capitola A. Colby
Fort Dodge, Iowa


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, December, 1913

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