Christian Science Testimony

         I became interested in Christian Science when I was a boy, and attended the Sunday school for several years. While I had a number of healings, I did not grasp their significance. However, while I was in the service I was greatly alarmed one day to find that I was coming down with pneumonia. This drove me back to Christian Science in earnest, and I wrote at once to a practitioner. Until the letter was received by the practitioner I grew steadily worse; but the next day all the symptoms began to disappear, and I could feel the surge of returning strength. In a day or so I was completely healed by absent treatment; and this experience awakened me to the significance of a practical religion that heals. Since that time the study of Christian Science has yielded me happiness and health, as it will anyone who tries earnestly to apply it.

L. Shirley Cole
Santa Barbara, California


Excerpted from "The Lectures"
Christian Science Sentinel, June 16, 1928

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