Christian Science Testimony

         It is about sixteen years since I first became interested in Christian Science. At that time I was in very poor health. I was suffering from what my doctor called chronic bronchitis. My husband had passed on just two and a half years previously with consumption. I had nursed and cared for him for four years, and a great fear came over me. I feared for myself and for my four children. Not knowing the truth, as we are taught it in Christian Science, I feared they might inherit this trouble. With this fear hanging over me, my own health broke down. The only comfort my husband had had was in reading the Bible. While reading the ninety-first psalm he would say, "If that is true, I should be healed." He also said, "It must be we do not understand God's Word rightly, or I should not suffer in this way."

         While the doctor called my trouble bronchitis, my friends and I felt sure that I had contracted my husband's trouble, because I seemed just as ill and had the same symptoms as he when the doctor had pronounced his trouble to be tuberculosis. My sister, a Christian Scientist, was visiting me at this time. I was very ill, so ill I had been in bed for some days. I could not speak above a whisper. I could not eat, had no appetite, and my temperature was very high. My sister pleaded with me to try Christian Science; but I said, "I cannot see that Christian Science can do me any good; and I am sure I have no faith in what a Christian Science practitioner can do for me; but I do know and believe that nothing is impossible with God." She said, ''That is all you need to know to be healed." She then took a copy of The Christian Science Journal and looked down the list of practitioners' names. She said, "Here is one, and 'God is no respecter of persons.'" It was then about one or two o'clock in the morning. I was asleep in half an hour after she left the telephone, and did not wake until seven in the morning, — to find myself healed. That was sixteen years ago, and I have never had a return of the trouble. All fear of the disease was overcome at the same time; and I lost all faith in medicine. I have been healed of very severe burns; also of ptomaine poisoning.

         Five years later — I had married again — a little son was born under Christian Science treatment. He has been a wonderfully healthy boy, and very happy; and he has had no trouble at all with so-called children's diseases. Every discord is quickly overcome through the application of the truth as taught in Christian Science.

         I should like to add another testimony, hoping it may help others who have only a little understanding of the power of Christian Science. My little granddaughter was visiting with me when she was eleven months of age. Just before she was put to bed, she started coughing. I began right away to declare the truth for her, but she did not seem to get help. She seemed to be getting worse instead of better. I worked until about three in the morning, but she had had no sleep up to that time. At times it seemed as if she would strangle with the croup. We decided to call a practitioner and ask for help. About ten minutes after we had asked for help, she laid her little head down on the pillow and fell into a most beautiful, restful sleep, and did not waken until the morning. When she wakened, we found she was breathing very heavily, so we asked for another treatment, which was lovingly given. In a few minutes she gave one more cough, and the trouble all cleared away, leaving her in perfect health.

         I am very grateful for the privilege of class instruction and for all the loving help our Association meetings give to us. Since Christian Science has been revealed to me I am striving daily to have that Mind in me "which was also in Christ Jesus" and our revered Leader, and I am most humbly grateful.

Florence A. Dennis
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, March 14, 1925

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