Christian Science Testimony

         Not long ago a writer in the Sentinel spoke of a little bird which had taken refuge in a vacant room having two large windows, one of which was closed. In trying to leave the room the bird saw only the closed window, and after becoming exhausted by its efforts to gain freedom, was released by the writer of the article referred to. This seemed to me an exact picture of my own experience in trying to find God. I knew that God's universe existed, was perfect, and that God was, as the Bible states, available and "no respecter of persons." The barrier in my case was materiality, which always separated me from God, until I was liberated by Mrs. Eddy through her spiritual understanding of divine Principle and idea as expressed in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

         When three of my acquaintances were healed of so-called incurable diseases by one who had been Mrs. Eddy's pupil, I said, "There is an understanding of God that I do not know anything about," — and how I wished I had that understanding. I called upon this lady and asked her if she would teach me the understanding of God which heals the sick. I was told that it was the teaching which Christ Jesus brought to the world, and was again appearing in Christian Science. In the course of time I received class instruction and began to find freedom from material beliefs.

         Before coming to Christian Science I had worn spectacles constantly for about fifteen years. My eyes were healed at a Christian Science lecture more than eight years ago, and I have had no need for spectacles since. I was healed of grief by attending the local church services and studying the Bible in connection with Science and Health and the Quarterly. I have been helped mentally, morally, physically, and financially by the teachings of Christian Science.

         The spiritual liberation means everything to me, and I am grateful for every avenue through which Christian Science by freeing the world is healing it. My desire is to live my gratitude for this truth.

Edna M. Dilla
Jackson, Michigan


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, August 10, 1918

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