Christian Science Testimony
[Original testimony in German]

         It was in 1916 that I was led to Christian Science. Although from childhood I had always thought of God as Spirit, I lacked the true recognition of infinite Spirit which began to awaken me from the material dream to the real spiritual being of man. I did not seek help in Christian Science for physical ailments, although at that time I was feeling very depressed and weak, and was suffering from various complaints, such as chronic paralysis of the bowels, nervous headaches, articular rheumatism, and so on, but because we faced financial ruin.

         In the hour of deepest distress I went to a Christian Science practitioner, and she talked to me about the love of God; but in a different manner from what I had learned at school. I told her of my troubles; and when she had explained to me for about fifteen minutes what God and man are, something wonderful took place within me. It was due to the recognition of God, the beginning of the regeneration which comes in an instant but goes on for years, even until the chaff is sifted from the wheat, and all error is destroyed. Saying hardly a word to the practitioner, I quietly thanked God that I had found the truth which makes free. I went home with a sense of happiness within me which I can never express in words. When in the evening after a bankruptcy sale I looked at our empty shop, even then a profound sense of gratitude came over me, and I thought, What is this in comparison with what you have found? I have learned that there is never any lack of supply for our needs, but only lack of knowledge of God. As I shut all thoughts of care out of my consciousness, all my troubles were gradually dissolved. The sense of weakness especially disappeared at once, and I felt as though borne on wings into a new world.

         A few years ago, while I was cleaning windows, the chair on which I was standing slipped from under me, and I fell heavily on my right hand. The pain at first seemed to overwhelm me, but immediately I realized God's power. Although in the days following mortal mind tried to suggest again and again that my arm was broken, I denied the error constantly and maintained the true thought that error has no power. After my hand had been almost helpless for a few days, my husband insisted that I have the arm X-rayed to see what was the matter with it. At last I went, but not until I was quite calm again and had realized the truth. As soon as the surgeon felt the arm he said both bones above the wrist had been broken. He then X-rayed it in order to confirm his diagnosis. He was so surprised that he could hardly believe the arm had not been bandaged, it held together so perfectly. It was not human willpower which had made it possible to work with a broken arm every day without a bandage, but the sense of security under the protection of the everlasting One, and the constant realization that error has no power; as well as the loyal help of Christian Scientists who were able to demonstrate the law of Love, the law of Life, and the power of God.

         Sometime later I fell on a steep and icy slope, and as I lay there, seemingly helpless, I thought, You are God's child, and God's child is spiritual, and not dependent on a material body. As I relied on these thoughts of truth and on God's ever present help, my foot, without any manipulation on my part, made a half turn and gave an audible snap, and the dislocated bone went back into place. I was able to get up and in a few minutes go on my way, realizing, however, at every step, that God is my strength. I had an hour's walk to the next railway station. On the way I telephoned to a friend and asked her for help. I soon felt the influence of the Christ, Truth, and arrived home safely. I was obliged to rest the foot for a few days; they were blessed days spent in prayer.

         I am grateful for all the love I experienced at the time I was in need of help. Can we ever be grateful enough that Truth has been revealed to human consciousness? Can we ever be grateful enough for all the blessings we receive through the Christ-Science? Filled with awe, I stand still in the presence of the omnipotence of the eternal, infinite One, the "I AM THAT I AM," and reverently pray, Father, I thank Thee; and I beseech Thee to help me to be always obedient, and to live according to Thy divine Word, in the way which Christ Jesus showed us, and which was revealed to us anew through Mrs. Eddy.

Anna Dornbirer
St. Gallen, Switzerland


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, August, 1929

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