Christian Science Testimony

         Christian Science came to me, as it does to many others, at a time when everything else had failed me and when prominent doctors had given up hope that I would ever be well mentally or physically. I was a member of a church, had trusted God as I understood Him, had been an earnest student of the Bible from my youth, and always prayed that I might be led in the right way; and I could not understand why my way had become so dark and disappointing. I became bitter and very resentful. My physical condition grew worse in spite of all my prayers, and finally I stopped praying and ceased reading the Bible, and came to the conclusion that God had never known me.

         When Christian Science was first offered to me I turned from it because I had no faith in what I then considered a "new religion." In my darkest hour, however, we moved into another part of the city away from all old associations and I soon learned that our next door neighbors were Christian Scientists. Being so lonely I found comfort in confiding in this cheery Christian woman, who saw my need and, like the good Samaritan of old, supplied it. Through her patient work I was led to buy a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and I have no words in which to express the peace and joy that came to me from the very first reading of this book. Later I began to compare it with the Bible, then I began to study the Lesson-Sermons, and as I understood the truth and practiced it my health improved. With the help of my neighbor, who proved to be a practitioner, many physical conditions that were considered hopeless by many who knew me have been overcome. I have had every proof of the efficacy of Christian Science, for it has supplied my every need for over three years, and I could tell of many other blessings. That which I am most grateful for is the understanding of God as divine Love.

         I am grateful to say that the Scriptures have been made clear to me and the promises in the Bible are often fulfilled in my experience. I am very grateful to our dear Leader for the textbook and other works on Christian Science which she has given us and for our periodicals . . . My daily prayer is that this revelation of the truth may be known in every land.

Elizabeth Smith Easley
Memphis, Tennessee


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, January 17, 1920

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