Christian Science Testimony

         From earliest childhood I was a victim of chronic headaches, dyspepsia, and neuralgia. Instead of outgrowing these claims, each year seemed to bring with it more pain, until life became a burden. My education was neglected and all things else had to give way to my suffering. It wearied me to think of the possible long life ahead, — so empty and useless it seemed. But now the days are not long enough in which to learn more of this blessed Truth.

         If by suffering I could have helped others, I should not have cared so much, but it did not help; it only made those unhappy who witnessed my condition. Doctors and medicines were powerless to help me. And then, Christian Science found me! Shall I ever forget that day? I had merely heard the name mentioned in a jesting way; but this day a lady called to see the friend at whose house I was staying. During the course of conversation she mentioned some wonderful cases of healing in Christian Science which she had heard of, and although professing ignorance as to the methods of healing she did justly acknowledge its works. This was the seed of Truth dropped by the wayside.

         Just as an experiment, I wrote to the only Scientist I knew of. Her friendly, loving answer to me, a stranger, made a great impression upon me. For two weeks she treated me. The constant pain left as soon as treatment began, and only returned at intervals of four or five days. This was a joyful experience to one who had never before known what it was to be entirely free from pain.

         Three days after treatment began, I took a long drive in the wind without a veil, and returned with never a symptom of neuralgia.

         The same night I ate two apples before going to bed, and felt none the worse for so doing. I had not eaten apples, among many other things, for years, without being made ill. My improvement continued, but the headaches did not cease until a week after treatment was discontinued. Then I had a grand final headache which kept me in bed for two days. I afterwards realized that this was the death-struggle of my old painful companion.

         It has been a year now since my resurrection to new life in Christ, Truth. Science and Health has lifted me to the realization of God as Good, and Good as All. How glorious this new life is, and what a privilege to help in this mighty labor of Love. I love all more for Truth's sake, not because they like or dislike me, but because I see in each and all the image and likeness of the Father.

         What would the world be without Christian Science? I am eighteen now, and am so thankful that Science found me before I knew more of the world. Science has not taken away from my pleasures, but added to them tenfold. I try never to indulge in unhappy thoughts, but to remember always that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. I write this chiefly to encourage other young people who may be hesitating at the threshold of Truth. Enter, dear friend, it will save you much, and the world has need of our consecrated lives.

Elizabeth Earl Jones
Georgetown, South Carolina


"Notes from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1899

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