Christian Science Testimony

         This testimony is written in loving gratitude to God, infinite good, to Christian Science, to Mary Baker Eddy, and to the loving practitioner who guided my steps into Christian Science.

         When our third son was two years old, medical science pronounced him useless to the world. He had developed physically, with the exception of walking, but mentally he had made little or no progress. He did creep a little, but made no effort to get on his feet. He had never laughed aloud or expressed himself in any way. We sent him to a hospital for crippled children, but they sent him home saying nothing could be done. Then followed a specialist who declared him lacking in certain of the glands, and I put him in a neurological institute for ten days, where at least a dozen noted physicians looked him over. They pronounced his case hopeless, and when I brought him home, with another little one six weeks old, I felt as if the end of the world had come for me.

         About that time a dear friend suggested Christian Science, and I went to a practitioner with our dear little boy. She talked so lovingly and kindly to me, telling me of God, good, and that man made in His image and likeness could not be other than perfect. Then I began to see light. At the end of a month's time our boy was walking. In a year he both walked and talked. When four years old he was practically normal in every way. The healing has been permanent, and the little boy has progressed so nicely that he is now attending kindergarten.

         Since this proof of God's love Christian Science has been our only physician. We have had healings of many kinds, and I am indeed grateful for all that Christian Science has given and is giving to me and mine.

Anna F. Ettinger
Wantagh, Long Island, New York

         I wish to state the above facts are as written, and to add my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me and for my family.

Walter E. Ettinger


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, August 27, 1927

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