Christian Science Testimony

         From childhood I have suffered from decayed teeth and toothache, until it finally became necessary to have most of my teeth extracted. It seemed almost impossible to have this done, I had such a dread of dentists and always suffered so much with my mouth and face after having such work done.

         My husband, having been healed through Christian Science and knowing something of its grand truth myself, I determined to try it in this case. Accordingly I called on a Christian Scientist for treatment.

         After receiving a treatment I went to the dentist's entirely free from any dread or fear. I told him what I wished done. He immediately began preparing to give me chloroform. I told him I should take nothing as I had been to a Christian Scientist. He replied, "I shall nearly kill you, woman." I told him I would risk being killed and asked him to begin at once as it was getting late in the afternoon, and I lived out of the city.

         He examined the teeth and again tried to persuade me to take something. When he found I would not he extracted eleven teeth, prepared two for filling and scraped and cleaned the under set.

         That the operation was painless was a fact that puzzled him very much, and one that he has since told to a great many people. When his work was finished he wanted to give me a liquid to rinse the mouth with to prevent soreness, but of course I refused it.

         I spent the remainder of the afternoon, — a raw cold March day — shopping and after reaching home, went out in the evening, suffering no inconvenience from sore mouth or face.

         My mouth healed rapidly and in a short time I had my new teeth, which I have worn two years without any trouble with either mouth or teeth during the time.

         Since then my husband and I have studied Christian Science, and know that all things are possible in Truth.

Roxa T. Long
Fairhaven, Massachusetts


"Notes from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1893

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