Christian Science Testimony

         Truly, Christian Science meets every human need. While surf bathing with two cousins near my home, one cousin and myself were suddenly swept out of our depth. I could swim, but he could not. I called to him that we were going out to sea, but struggle as we would we could not get back. The waves kept breaking over us with great force and I was carried out still farther, until at last I had to give up all thought of ever getting back. I had gone down twice and was just yielding to despair, when suddenly I seemed to hear a voice which said: "You are saved. Divine Love is your help." I immediately said "Yes" mentally, and just then a huge wave broke over my head, and I knew no more till I found I could touch the bottom. I was carried to within a few yards of my cousin, and I caught his hand and we waded out. I dressed and walked home, about half a mile, with only a few minutes' rest. I had swallowed a great deal of salt water, but I was not sick. On reaching home I lay down for about three hours, and then felt refreshed. After a good night's rest I got up and did a little work, and the next day I did a big day's work. I have not suffered any ill effects since, and am now perfectly well.

         I have had many demonstrations since then, for which I am deeply grateful. Christian Science has given me much comfort, and has benefited me in every way. It has indeed been my guide. It cannot fail to bring peace and love to those who seek the divine Mind which governs all. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy has shown me the path of Life. I cannot say how grateful I am to her for the truths contained in her inspired writings.

Laurence Harold Farley
Karekare, New Zealand


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1915

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