Christian Science Testimony

         Christian Science is daily gathering under its wings the sick, the sinning, the sorrowing, and the unbelieving. I cite my own experience as an illustration. I regarded Christian Science with tolerant amusement until, about ten years ago, I witnessed a wonderful healing. Our nearest neighbor was healed in a few months by Christian Science treatment of a long-standing habit of drunkenness, which had reduced him to a physical wreck; and straightway he became a healthy, independent, and useful member of the community. Out of curiosity I began reading the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy; and a short time later I asked for treatment for an attack of tonsillitis from which I suffered frequently, and for which an operation seemed inevitable. I was healed; and since that time there has been no recurrence of the disease. Later I was freed from chronic headaches, which I believed were inherited from my father, who suffered from them all his life. During these years every illness or problem of any kind that has presented itself, in which I have been faithful in applying Christian Science, has been solved in a proportional degree.

Pearl Duncan Helps


Excerpt from "The Lectures"
(Remarks prefatory to a lecture)
Christian Science Sentinel, December 22, 1923

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