Christian Science Testimony

         . . . I had heard of [Christian Science] in the abstract for many years; but about twenty-five years ago, much to my surprise and consternation, a very dear friend of mine announced that she was a Christian Scientist. Having the highest regard for the mental attributes of this friend, and believing that she had been deceived, I started making a study of Christian Science wholly for the purpose of pulling it to pieces that I might undeceive her. Her one admonition to me was to make this study in connection with the Bible and to determine, if possible, from a study of the Bible, whether the promises therein contained were of real value and to be relied upon, or whether they were mere platitudes. To my own surprise, and against my intention, I soon became convinced that Christian Science is something very different from what I had conceived it to be, — that it is not, on the one hand, a fad or an ism, nor, on the other hand, blind faith in some creed or doctrine. I am so very grateful indeed for the many benefits received since then from the study of Christian Science.

Franklin Hess
Chicago, Illinois


Excerpt from "The Lectures"
Christian Science Sentinel, February 21, 1920

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