Christian Science Testimony

         In June, 1920, my seven-year-old nephew, whose guardian I was, became very ill. The doctor was called, and although he gave the child faithful attention his condition gradually grew worse, until finally the physician said he could do no more for him. It was in this dark hour, when everything humanly possible had been done, that I turned to Christian Science. I decided to go with my inquiries to the Christian Science Reading Room. The lady in charge there gave me a copy of The Christian Science Journal with names of practitioners, and spoke hopeful, encouraging words.

         I then called on a practitioner. With compassion she listened to my story of despair; and how clearly the calm, confident words with which she answered stand out in my thought today: "The child cannot die, for God is his Life." Then she told me that I must hold to the thought of Life. My fear left me at once, and I returned home calmed, strengthened, and with such a sense of God's protecting care for the child and myself. Absent treatment was given over the weekend, the temperature steadily going down. On Tuesday the practitioner gave present treatment, and she had not been gone ten minutes when the child suddenly sat up and said he was better and wanted an egg. He had had nothing but cold water for the eleven previous days; his little body had been reduced to a skeleton, and his voice, through weakness, to a whisper. I cried with joy and gratitude to God that He had restored the child to me almost from death itself. Treatment was continued; no other symptoms developed; the weakness was soon overcome; and in a little while he was enjoying health. He was also healed at this time of a delicateness said to be inherited. His recovery was marveled at by the doctors and all those who knew him. I never cease to be grateful for the patience and loving help given at that time by the practitioner.

         The healing of my nephew has been permanent, and he has grown into a fine, healthy boy. I have never ceased to thank God for his healing, and ever since have been an earnest student of the Bible and of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

         I was healed of influenza almost instantaneously with the help of a practitioner. Stomach trouble, too, has been quickly overcome by Christian Science treatment. I have also been helped out of a sense of separation; but the greatest healing was deliverance from fear. Christian Science has taught me to know that it is the darkened thought that produces fear and discordant conditions, and that just in proportion as the light of this glorious truth dawns on one's consciousness can fear be overcome. I am deeply grateful for the above healings, but am more grateful for the happiness which the understanding of Christian Science has brought into my daily life.

Effie Hogg
Edinburgh, Scotland


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, September 6, 1924

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