Christian Science Testimony

          In the latter part of the year 1910, I had a complete breakdown in health. I had been suffering more or less for years previous to this from so-called neuritis, low blood pressure, and a complication of organic diseases. I continually took medicine and treatment from different kinds of physicians, but gradually grew more frail until the collapse came.

          A year or so before this my attention was attracted to Christian Science through the healing of the little daughter of a friend. The mother often remarked that this child was by far the healthiest member of her family, and the little girl was often called "Sunshine" because she radiated so much joy and happiness. This child's healing made a deep impression on me, and through all my afflictions it seemed to sustain me and hold out hope, when hope in everything else had ceased to survive. At that time this little girl was the only member of her family who was interested in or who knew anything at all about Christian Science, so I questioned her about her wonderful healing; and in a simple, childlike way she explained to me that God did not send sickness and trouble on people, and said that if I would get a Christian Science practitioner to help me the practitioner would pray for me and I would be healed. She gave me her textbook "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, to look over; but on account of my thought being so filled with physical health laws, theories of germs, microbes, and mental pictures of the physical diagnoses of diseases, I did not understand what I read there. However, I decided to have Christian Science treatment.

          I was helped wonderfully from the very first treatment. It gave me great physical relief, and a sweet sense of peace, hope, and gladness that I had not felt for months. Through the practitioner's faithful and compassionate help, and her clear explanations of Christian Science, the truth about spiritual existence rapidly dawned in my thought, and I began to lose the thought of myself as material and to gain a truer sense of my spiritual selfhood. I found I had believed in a selfhood apart from God; and when I let go of this false sense of existence with all of its so-called laws and remedies, the light of Life, Truth, and Love flooded my consciousness, and I was healed.

          So great was my improvement that my husband, who had been suffering for years from indigestion and was then under medical treatment, also decided to have Christian Science treatment. He was soon healed of this trouble and increased in weight from one hundred and forty pounds to two hundred pounds, which is considered the normal weight for a man of his stature.

          We have had many other beautiful healings in our home, colds, malarial fever, appendicitis, paralysis, and rheumatism having been overcome, together with dislocations and sprains attendant upon accidents. I have also been wonderfully healed of a badly depleted financial condition, which not infrequently accompanies sickness and poor health. These diseased and discordant conditions have passed almost completely out of our experience since we have gained a better understanding of Christian Science.

          It is with deep gratitude and satisfaction that I mentally survey the universal good which Christian Science is bringing to all mankind, as well as into my own individual experience. Because of the physical healing and the spiritual regeneration Christian Science has brought to the world we see Mrs. Eddy as a prophet of magnitude much beyond what this age conceives of. I am thoroughly convinced that she was ordained of God to give to the world the truth which Jesus said would make us free.

          Christian Science is indeed the truth which is steadily leading us out of the bondage of sense into the glorious liberty of the sons of God.

Lucy C. Hurd
Birmingham, Alabama


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, May 16, 1925

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