Christian Science Testimony

         The first time I heard the voice of Truth was when I was a little girl of ten years. An aunt came to see my mother and commenced telling her of a healing which she had seen in Christian Science. I was interested at once, so pulled up a stool to my mother's knee and sat down eagerly listening, and, like Mary, what I heard I pondered in my heart. Many years afterwards the truth appeared again and I received a wonderful healing. I had called on a Christian Science practitioner to obtain help for a friend, and while we were talking I showed her the tips of my fingers, which cracked open each winter and bled, becoming painful and troublesome directly the cold weather set in. She took my hand in hers and said, "Dear child, you do not need to have that condition." When I noticed my fingers sometime later they were healed.

         The third time the truth knocked for admission was when a newly found friend wanted to know what Christian Science was. As she expected me to know all about it, in order to answer her many questions I took her to the Christian Science reading room, and then to satisfy us both I bought a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and read it for the first time. While reading it I was healed of a condition of the stomach which had kept me in poor health for years. When the extreme pains arising from this condition came on, it was considered necessary by the doctor that I should be given morphine; and as this need had occurred every ten days or two weeks, imagine my joy when I found myself free from the horrible condition of bondage to the drug for relief from pain, and learned that I could stay free through an earnest and honest desire to know more of God. This healing took place over thirteen years ago and the light of Truth has never left me.

         Since then I have had countless proofs of God's constant protection. Some years ago when driving in a pony cart I was thrown by the pony bolting suddenly around a corner. Before reaching the ground I had plenty of time to think and know that God's child could not be hurt, and I struck the pavement seemingly as lightly as thistledown, unhurt. More recently I had a wonderful deliverance when struck violently and thrown down by a motor car. When assisted to my feet by kind hands I went on my way rejoicing, "and glorified God, which had given such power unto men."

         I appreciate and become more grateful each day to Mrs. Eddy for her life's work in giving us the true knowledge about God, about Jesus, about our brother man and ourselves. I am grateful for the love for the Bible that has been given me through Christian Science, for all of Mrs. Eddy's writings, for the periodicals and the wonderful church activities through which we can send out the light; and I am glad I can add my testimony to thousands of others for Christian Science.

Lady Japp
Westmount, Canada


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 7, 1918

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