Christian Science Testimony

         It is impossible to express in words my gratitude to God for Christian Science, as discovered by our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.

         In reviewing all the blessings brought to our home through Christian Science, I find truly that nothing is "too good to be true," because good is all that is true. Our children have been healed of appendicitis, measles, heavy colds, earache, diarrhea, and constipation. They have also been protected from many of the so-called contagious diseases.

         One healing, however, stands out above the rest. One Thursday afternoon our little son, aged three, came to me complaining of his stomach and told me to ask God to heal him. I had been studying Christian Science only a few months, but I read to him and tried to know the truth. He, however, continued to grow worse, going from a high fever to delirium. Just before he lapsed into unconsciousness he said he could not see me. I called for help from a practitioner. When I returned to him his eyes were set, and his hands and feet were getting cold. It looked as though it would be only a matter of minutes before he would pass on. My husband said, "Oh, get a doctor." I went to the telephone and told the practitioner of the conditions and what my husband had said. Just then my husband called, "Oh, tell her to come over." She said, "Dear, God is with you, and you have all you need." But as we were so young in Science, she sent her sister, who is also a practitioner, to stay with us.

         Shortly after the treatment was started, the baby began to relax and to look normal again. I shall never forget that wonderful morning. My husband said afterward that the reason he decided not to have a doctor was that he felt sure a doctor could not do anything for the child. When the practitioner walked into the room she said, "Rejoice." I could not find much to rejoice about just then; but I tried to, just the same. Then she recited the "Mother's Evening Prayer" by Mary Baker Eddy. The most wonderful peace came over me, and I felt that "gentle presence, peace and joy and power" (Poems, p. 4), The child had several convulsions during the day, but help was lovingly given each time; and when late afternoon came, the little fellow was able to go with us to take the practitioner home. The following Wednesday he was perfectly well.

         Before commencing my study of Christian Science I enjoyed visiting the Christian Science church because everyone reflected so much love and joy and peace. I thought then it was because of the physical healings they had received, or because they all seemed to be well supplied materially; but after I began studying Science myself, I found that, although regular attendants at the Christian Science churches have usually been healed of some discordant condition, the real reason for their joy is their realization of the ever-presence of God. . . .

Blanche Z. Jemison
Memphis, Tennessee


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, November, 1924

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