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         It is with a heart overflowing with love and gratitude for Christian Science that I send this testimony, with the loving desire to help some other dear person who may be struggling with a seeming load of troubles and whose progress seems slow. Six years ago Christian Science found me a mental and physical wreck. I was suffering from the bad after effects of several operations, including the taking of drugs to make me sleep. It did not seem possible to get a bit of sleep without them. My mental condition was so hopeless that oblivion was all I craved; and it was only when asleep under the influence of these drugs that I seemed to get that. I used to pray that I might not wake.

         I did not like Christian Science at all at first, and was very much prejudiced against Mrs. Eddy, whom I had always heard spoken of disparagingly in my own home. I was also a devoted adherent of my own church, and did not think I could ever possibly care to worship in any other. Now I know and reverence Mrs. Eddy as a most loving and courageous woman, who taught the truth to help others, in the face of many cruel misrepresentations. I have also learned to love and enjoy the Christian Science services.

         My healing seemed very slow; but I was really slowly emerging from the darkness of material sense into the light of spiritual understanding, and I can now see how my consciousness was gradually being cleared of its falsities. Among other ailments I was a great sufferer from asthma, for which I had tried many different climates and every material remedy I ever heard of, including the injection of a serum that caused me terrible suffering. After coming under Christian Science treatment I had many bad attacks, and would often get relief by applying to a practitioner for help; but my fear of them was so great that they always came back. They left me for good, however, when I thoughtfully realized that although they seemed very real to me, such distress could not possibly exist in divine consciousness where man really lived. This healing was a great help to me and gave me a great hope of overcoming extreme lameness, the after effects of sciatica, which prevented my getting about except in a wheelchair. This latter healing came practically instantaneously. My leg was drawn up so that I could not get it down, and my hip had seemingly perished; but the drawn sinews relaxed and the flesh was restored within twenty-four hours, though for several days I did not seem able to walk without holding on to the furniture. I was like a child learning all over again. Now I can walk and run, ride and swim, without any difficulty.

         For all these physical healings I am most grateful; but they are as little compared to the wonderful peace and happiness that Christian Science has brought into my life. It is indeed the "pearl of great price," and my only desire is to live it every day so that my actions may declare my gratitude. One of the mental healings for which I am very grateful is the lessening of fear. When Christian Science found me I was terrified by everything, and I can now see what a very unloving and unlovable condition it was; for one cannot love if one is always afraid. But as John says, "Perfect love casteth out fear."

         I am very grateful to my husband for all his love and patience with me during the long trying time, and to the friends and practitioners who so lovingly helped me, especially the last for his great patience and gentleness, while I fully realize the source from which these divine qualities come. He gently and patiently helped me to help myself; and that is the kindest thing one can do for another.

         My loving desire is to help all those I can to realize their blessed heritage as God's dear children; and it is such a joy to know that good is always unfolding and will continue to unfold more and more through all eternity.

Marjorie Ligertwood
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, June 6, 1925

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