Christian Science Testimony

         About five years ago I went to a practitioner to ask what Christian Science was. I had a vague idea it was some sort of mental cure for imaginary diseases, and was thinking it would be of benefit to my wife for nervousness. I had no idea of getting any good from it myself, although I had been suffering from a severe stomach disorder for more than twenty years. The practitioner talked with me for about an hour, and at the end of that time I knew that what I had been hearing was the truth, because it was logical, and it was the first time I had ever heard anything about God that I thought was logical.

         I bought a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy and began to read it, and the more I read the more wonderful it seemed. It was so wonderful and such a revelation to me that it completely put out of my mind the thought of physical ills, and so it did not occur to me to try to apply it to the healing of the stomach trouble, which seemed a part of myself. I had been reading about three months when one day it dawned on me that the stomach disorder had gone. I could not remember having had any trouble of that kind since I began to read Science and Health. That was five years ago and it has not returned. I have had many other healings since, in two cases instantaneous, but I have received that which is so much greater than the overcoming of physical ills that they are as nothing — a spiritual awakening that has transformed my whole life. Before taking up the study of Christian Science I was constantly in a condition of fear and despondency. Now fear has been eliminated and in its place has come the peace "which passeth all understanding."

         When I say that the study of Christian Science has changed my life from one that was hardly endurable to one of constant joy and peace, it can be readily understood how inadequate are words to express my gratitude to God that this truth has been revealed to me, and my gratitude to Mrs. Eddy, who by years of patient work under most trying conditions has given to the world this correct understanding of the teachings of Jesus. To the friends who have helped me on the way I am also grateful.

James F. Lord
Brookline, Massachusetts


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1919

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