Christian Science Testimony

         In 1863, while a boy in college, I was attacked by a fever, from which I suffered greatly, and which left me with a badly diseased leg. I had an operation for this performed at the Massachusetts General Hospital in 1868, and was told that the bone would give me no more trouble, but that some day the veins would cause me much suffering. For quite a number of years I did not suffer greatly, but was deprived of the sports that young men usually engage in, as my leg was a heavyweight, was never supple, and became tired very easily. About twelve years ago it began to give me great trouble: I was treated by many physicians, but received no real benefit. My suffering was intense, and at times my friends despaired of my life. In January, 1905, I went to a hospital in Minneapolis, and there had about thirty-two inches of diseased veins removed. The surgeons told me that I would be a well man, that the cause of the trouble had been removed. It took six months for the leg to heal, and then I felt better than at any time for several years; but this condition lasted only about two years, when, without any warning, the leg became worse than at any time previous. I again consulted the surgeon and physician, and after an examination they shook their heads and said, "There is nothing more that we can do for you. Medicine cannot reach it, and the knife has done all that it can do without taking off the leg." One surgeon said, "You will never use that leg again; you will have something to nurse as long as you live."

         It was here that Christian Science found me. I consulted a practitioner in Minneapolis, and decided to take Christian Science treatment. In less than four days from the time I took the first treatment the pain had disappeared and the healing was quite pronounced, and in about two months I was free physically for the first time in forty-four years. I also received a spiritual uplift which to me far transcends my physical healing, and today I am rejoicing in the freedom that belongs to God's child. I am grateful to God for His unbounded love, and to Mrs. Eddy for her untiring efforts in showing us how we may avail ourselves of the divine Principle of Christian Science.

Heman L. Magoon
Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1909

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