Christian Science Testimony

         Nearly eight years ago Christian Science was presented to me through a short talk, and my husband's instantaneous release from bondage to stomach trouble. I read the literature at first because I had promised the practitioner I would do so. I had read only a few days, however, when I became convinced that the words "obey" and "understand" were two of the greatest in our language. Then came the opportunity to test how much I could prove of their meaning. I caught the inside of one finger in the catch of an umbrella, and the sense of pain was great, but instantly I remembered that I must not look for the material evidence but deny its every suggestion. I recalled the first two lines of the scientific statement of being, as I had read it on page 468 of Science and Health, when suddenly I realized that the pain had gone as quickly as it came. I stood still in wonderment for a moment, and then there came the suggestion that I was not hurt after all. I therefore looked, only to find the open gash where the flesh had been cut, but there was no pain whatever, even when I pressed my thumb upon the opening, and it healed in a very short time without having been the least bit sore. I was amazed and uplifted beyond my ability then to explain.

         The next thing I noticed was that though I had forgotten to take my regular doses of medicine for bowel trouble there had been normal action daily! Such freedom I had seldom known, for among my first remembrances was that of being held while a remedy was forced through my resisting teeth. And now I was filled with gladness, because I was free, and it was the reading of Science and Health that had healed me. From this time on I almost lived in the Bible and our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." Demonstrations, one after another, were made over burns, cuts, pain in the feet, and a so-called chronic pain in the chest from which my husband suffered.

         One day my husband returned from business about half past ten in the morning and called me to him. As I entered the room, he said, "Call the man and have the horse put out; I will not need him for many a day." The glimpse I got of his face as I entered was truly startling, but first of all I declared the truth of being. While doing so, he was telling me that the pipe to his large steam-boiler, having a heavy head of steam on, had parted within six inches of his face, and the end of the pipe hit him near the eye and knocked him down; that his eyes were filled with sediment from the pipe and the steam enveloped his face. Some fifteen or twenty of his men were on the works and rushed to him, but he sent them back to their work, got into his buggy, and came home, a distance of twelve or fifteen blocks.

         After removing the dirt, my husband came into the room where I had gone. He had a large kerchief over his face, and I turned away at once and began to read aloud from Science and Health. In a few moments he wished to lie down on the couch. Then I put my books aside and lifted my heart to God as it seemed to me I had never done before. Inside of twenty minutes my husband sat up quickly and removing the cloth said, "Have my horse brought; I must go right back to the works." I looked at him, and many will know the humble reverence that filled me at that moment, for his face was as normal in appearance as my own, — not a blister, not a raw spot anywhere, not even a red or swollen place. Even his eyes looked normal but later he said one eye felt as if something was still in it. I went to his side, and lifted my heart in thanksgiving; I was full of a joy that cannot be spoken. I asked him to wait till I got him some dinner and I would go with him. When he drove up to the works, the men tried not to stare, but covertly they could scarcely work for looking at one another, then at him, but not a word was said to him concerning the accident. Later one engineer said to him: "How on earth did you manage it? I should not have been surprised if you had never been able to see again. I would not have stood where you did when that thing happened for the whole state of Georgia." The next morning the eye was all right, and my husband said afterward that the pain all stopped in a very few moments after I began to treat him.

         Since that time I have seen many ailments disappear never to return again. Among them were the drink and tobacco habit, scarlet fever, female trouble, severe burns, etc. A heavy refrigerator lid fell on my fingers from a height of some fifteen inches, the fall of the lid not being broken at all; but this, as many other ills, was instantaneously healed, not even a red mark or swelling being left to testify for the erring senses, when I looked at the fingers ten minutes later. My instant thought, when the lid dropped, was the statement on page 446 of Science and Health, "Resisting evil, you overcome it and prove its nothingness."

         I feel very thankful that it was possible for our beloved Leader to make known to all mankind the great fact that God is a God of the living, and not a God of the dead, and that the Christ is ever-present today, as it was promised he should be, and always with instant power to heal.

Lorena P. Hayes
Fitzgerald, Georgia


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, January 9, 1915

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