Christian Science Testimony

         For ten years I suffered from neuralgia in the head, and from other ailments so serious that I was obliged to submit to two operations, and in October, 1911, my doctor said he thought another operation was necessary. I feared the result, but could see no way out of it, so wrote to a friend who had been a trained nurse for a number of years, saying I was again obliged to submit to an operation and would like to go to the hospital where she had been employed. She answered my letter at once, saying that she had been away from the hospital for some time and had been healed of a very serious kidney trouble through Christian Science, and that if I would like to try Christian Science and would come to her, she would take me to a practitioner. I asked my husband, a minister of the gospel for twenty years, what I had better do, and he said to do just as I thought best.

         My sister had been a Christian Scientist for years, and had tried to interest me in this teaching when our son was suffering from tubercular disease; but we were not yet ready for it, and he passed on. But at this time, two years later, I seemed ready, so I had two weeks' treatment and bought a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." When about half through the book I experienced a most wonderful spiritual awakening and was healed. I read scarcely anything but the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, together with our literature, for three years, during which time I read Science and Health through consecutively eleven times. From the first reading I knew this teaching was the truth, for the new awakening gave me a more spiritual understanding of the Bible and of man's relationship to God than I had ever known. I have had many proofs of the allness of God and of His healing power, and was wonderfully upheld when my husband passed on very suddenly.

         I have been able to do my own mental work almost wholly, and in a small way have helped others during the past four years. When a serious attack of acute lung trouble presented itself, however, I was obliged to ask for the help of a practitioner, through whose clear understanding of Truth I was healed. For this wonderful healing I am exceedingly grateful. For our helpful literature which comes to us daily, weekly, and monthly, rich with spiritual food and for our dear Leader's clear teaching of Truth, I am more than grateful.

Lillian Marsh
Chicago, Illinois


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, April 13, 1918

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