Christian Science Testimony

         Gratitude brought me into Christian Science, not my own healing, but gratitude to God, and thankfulness to Mrs. Eddy, for the wonderful cure of my wife, who had been a sufferer from stomach trouble, nervousness, etc., since childhood. Her healing was simply miraculous; and thinking that it may aid some one afflicted in a similar way, I offer this testimony.

         During our entire married life, my wife had been dependent upon materia medica. We tried several physicians, and although they did all in their power for her, she gradually grew worse, until her condition was alarming. Every few weeks she would have an attack, from which she would not recover for one to two weeks, and each repetition seemed to grow more severe. In the mean time she had undergone three surgical operations without any apparent beneficial results. One physician said that there was a physical defect which would require a capital operation to correct. I had become somewhat interested in Christian Science through witnessing the instantaneous healing of a friend, who was suddenly taken very ill while in my company, and who recovered after a few moments of mental work. This healing, to me, seemed wonderful and I advised my wife to try Christian Science; but she would not consent, having no faith in it. For a period of about six weeks before taking it up, she suffered more than ever, and could not eat without great distress. Although we consulted our physician almost daily, he was unable to relieve her condition, which gradually grew worse.

         Finally, as a last resort, she consented to try Christian Science, and a practitioner was called. The call was made over the telephone at three o'clock in the afternoon, and an appointment was made for the next day. When I got home, the evening after the practitioner was called, I found my wife feeling better than she had for months; and although we were both very glad of her improvement, we did not understand the changed condition. A week's treatment was given her, but the healing was instantaneous, and was brought about by the practitioner denying the error when she was called to take the case. My wife's experience was wonderful, and it showed the power of Truth to heal even before the practitioner saw the patient. All of the ailments to which she had been heir for so many years, vanished with but a few returns, and these were quickly overcome in Science. The healing referred to above happened over three years ago, and since that time Christian Science has meet every demand we have made upon it.

         I began to read the textbook after my wife's healing, and one day read on page 404 that the way to heal "an inebriate, a slave to tobacco," etc., is to convince him that "there is no real pleasure in false appetite." As I had been a slave to tobacco for over twenty years, what I read on this page appealed to me, and I gave it a good deal of thought. It was my earnest wish to quit the habit, and although I tried several times, I was unable to do so. However, on July 29, 1909, I was liberated; all desire for tobacco left me instantaneously, and never returned.

         I cannot find words to express the gratitude which I owe to God, and my thankfulness to Mrs. Eddy for what Christian Science has done and is doing daily for me and mine; all I can do is to try hard each day to live the Christ-life as revealed in the Christian Science textbook, and which will speak more for the cause of Christian Science than any words I might utter.

H. E. Meginness
Terre Haute, Indiana


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 27, 1913

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