Christian Science Testimony

         My little daughter had trouble with her ear from the time she was a baby. We had three physicians and the last one after removing the adenoids told me that nothing could be done. When she was seven she became deaf in that ear, could not hear a sound. The physician examined her and said there were two perforations in the drum of the ear. A friend then advised me to try Christian Science, so I wrote to a cousin whom I knew to be interested in Science, and asked him to treat the child. One morning about six weeks later she was in an adjoining room, and when I spoke to her quite loudly, she looked out at me and laughingly said, "Don't speak loud to me; I can hear as well as anyone," and she could. That was over three years ago and she has heard perfectly ever since.

         We are indeed grateful for this healing and for many other blessings received through Christian Science.

Mrs. Joseph A. Morey
Castine, Maine


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, October 4, 1919

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