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         In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 192) Mrs. Eddy tells us, "Whatever holds human thought in line with unselfed love, receives directly the divine power." With the hope that what was such a spiritual help and blessing to me may in turn comfort and strengthen others, I am writing to tell how these words were fulfilled in my own experience.

         In June, 1922, my thirteen-year-old daughter, busy at school and apparently in perfect health, without any seeming cause began to fail rapidly. She first showed signs of extreme nervousness and was uncertain in her movements, often upsetting things and stumbling when she walked. At first I put this down to overpressure at school; so I took her to a quiet beach, where I left her for a week in the care of a reliable and devoted friend.

         Having at this time a large class of music pupils, I had to return to my work. At the end of the week, when I went for the child hoping to find an improvement, I found her rapidly growing worse and immediately placed her in the care of a Christian Science practitioner. This consecrated woman took up the work, truly with unselfed love, for I had been obliged to resign my work and we had given up our home in the city, so I had nothing to offer her but a thanksgiving for the Love she was bringing to our aid. At first, the power of Truth uncovered error through chemicalization to the fullest extent. My little daughter lost the power to walk, or even to stand alone; she could not feed herself; and her speech was so indistinct that at times it was very difficult to understand what she was trying to say. Often she had difficulty in swallowing; and as she could not control her movements, it was very hard to convey her food to her mouth.

         The loving work in Science went on. With all the discordant externalization, there was no pain, no suffering; the child was tranquil. Then it seemed as if mortal mind were roused still further, and attacks of dementia would suddenly be manifested. But that was the end; and the healing came! It seemed to me, as I watched in human agony, that I myself was living the incident described in the ninth chapter of Luke, where the parents brought their son, possessed of an evil spirit, to the Master, and he "healed the child, and delivered him again to his father. And they were all amazed at the mighty power of God." For the healing in this case was after a very violent seizure, and I had called for help. The practitioner came, and when she left it was all over: the child was quiet, and the healing was accomplished! She never had another violent attack. Two or three days later she walked into the next room and took her seat by me in a chair. I could not speak, and tried to show no surprise. A day or two later, she helped carry the dishes to the table, and planned to surprise her father by setting her place at the table and eating with us. She succeeded: he was so affected he could say nothing. From that time she gained strength every day, until finally she went by streetcar to church on Thanksgiving Day, and heard my grateful testimony, sitting by my side. Now she is attending school again, an hour's walk each way, and is in every way normal and healthy. I can bring many witnesses to vouch for the truth of this wonderful healing; for it attracted a great deal of attention, and is still often spoken of among those who, though not Scientists, were convinced witnesses of the power of God.

         One instance I will mention. After her healing, my daughter was watering the moss outside the cottage, when a friend of our next-door neighbor passed. He had known of the case, and went straight to my friend, asking her almost incredulously, "Is that the same child who was ill?" When my friend answered "Yes," he then said, "Do you mean to tell me she has had nothing but Christian Science?" There was nothing but Christian Science — nothing but the power of Truth!

Beatrice Louisa Norman
Manhattan Beach, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, August 8, 1925

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