Christian Science Testimony

          I wish to tell how I became interested in Christian Science. I married a Scientist and the first Sunday after we were married we got to talking on religion, and she tried to tell me something of Science. I can remember saying to myself, "What stuff for anyone to believe!" but to her I said, seeing she was so earnest in her belief, "Well, that is all right; we won't quarrel over religion, but if I believe in any religion it is the Presbyterian, as I am a Scotchman and was brought up in the belief of Presbyterianism; but I have seen so much deceit and hypocrisy in church members that I don't believe in any religion any more, and take the Golden Rule as my religion. So you can just follow your religion and I will follow mine, only I don't want you to try to make me believe your way."

          So we each followed our own course for six years, my wife very seldom mentioning the matter, as when she did I would change the subject. Regarding our children, I said to her, "Now if the children are taken sick I want them to have a doctor." To this she agreed, saying if the doctor failed, then she was to get a Scientist to treat them. To this I assented, thinking to myself, "Much good would a Scientist do if a doctor failed."

          However, four years ago, when in Los Angeles, California, our little baby girl, then a year old, was taken very sick and I had medicine for her, but she didn't seem to get any better, and one night when I was away from home she was taken with convulsions and my wife got a friend to go for a Scientist. When I reached home a few days afterwards my wife told me the child had been very sick and that she had to have a healer to treat her; however, as the baby was all right then, I thought there had not been much the matter with her. But in passing through the hallway I met our landlady (who was Jewish), and she said, "Wasn't that a wonderful case of the baby's getting well?" I said, "I guess that she hadn't been so bad as they thought." "Why," she said, "she was surely dying when the healer got here, and she just took her in her arms, and in a few minutes the baby was in a peaceful sleep and the next morning she was all right."

          I thought a great deal about that, and as I had attended several of the meetings in Los Angeles with my wife, and as the people there all seemed so happy and so very sincere in their statements, I made up my mind I would investigate and see what the power was that healed my baby. As I was then going to San Francisco, my wife gave me the address of a student of Mrs. Eddy who would be able to explain it to me. Well, I went and called on her. I felt rather disappointed because she could not tell me the whole thing in a few minutes. However, she invited me to call again and I intended to do so, but before having an opportunity I had to make a trip to Riverside County to examine a mine with an English expert. It was a hard trip, as we had to drive sixty miles over the desert in a buckboard. It was very warm and dusty at that season, which made it all the more disagreeable. The Englishman said he had been bothered with constipation for years. He complained a great deal and kept telling me how many kinds of medicine he had used and how many doctors he had consulted and how none of them had helped him for more than a short time. I got tired hearing him, and in desperation said, "Why don't you try Christian Science?" He asked me what that was. I told him I didn't know, but they claimed it was a cure for all diseases and had healed my baby. Then I told him of the demonstration, and said if he wished to try it I would take him and introduce him to a lady in San Francisco who could explain it to him. To this he readily agreed; and when we got back to San Francisco we went and called on her. He told her his trouble and asked if he could be cured by Christian Science. When she assured him that he could, I can remember the look he gave me, for we were both thunderstruck at her ready assurance. She advised him to read Science and Health which she offered to lend him, but he bought one and I bought a copy of "Miscellaneous Writings."

          After he had had a treatment, I asked him about it, and when he told me that all she did was to pray silently for him, I had less faith than ever. However, next morning he greeted me with, "I am all right this morning." I then asked him if he was going back, to which he assured me most emphatically he was, as he was going to make a sure thing of it. That satisfied me that there was something in Christian Science and I commenced to read "Miscellaneous Writings" and gained a little understanding of the Principle.

          During this time I was limping around on account of a corn on my little toe, which seemed to be getting worse all the time. When out for a walk with him one evening we had planned to go to the park the next day, but I said to him, "I don't see how I can walk around very much tomorrow, my corn hurts me so," to which he replied, "Why don't you try Christian Science on it? You recommended it to me, why not try your own medicine?" I said I had thought of that, but I did not believe it was necessary for me to go to a healer, as I believed that if God heard and answered her prayers, He would mine; and that I was going to my room to read "Miscellaneous Writings" and see if I could make my own demonstration. After I got in bed I read several of the demonstrations at the end of the book, and I did get a slight understanding of the healing Principle. When I got up in the morning I forgot all about having a corn, and put on a pair of light shoes which I had been unable to wear for some time. I did a great deal of walking that day and it never hurt me at all. That evening we went out for a walk and happened on a street peddler who was calling out the merits of a corn cure he had, and my friend laid his hand on my arm and said, ''There, now is your chance, get rid of that corn," and not thinking about the treatment I had given it, I put my hand in my pocket, pulled out a dime, and walked off with a package of "sure thing corn cure."

          That night I thought I might as well try the corn cure. I bent down and just scratched the corn with my fingernail, when to my surprise it came right off, leaving the toe as soft and smooth as it ever was, and the inflammation and soreness were entirely gone.

          Still, even with that demonstration, I was not convinced of the truth of Christian Science. I wanted a surer demonstration, and I can remember saying to my wife, "I want to just get right sick and see what Christian Science will do, and I surely got my satisfaction, for I did get right sick and I did not get well in a night either, but through the healing Principle of Christian Science I did get well in six months. In conclusion, I will say that I have proved Christian Science to be the Truth. I have proved its power not only over sickness, but over every trial and difficulty that comes up in our daily lives; and now I most sincerely thank Mrs. Eddy for her revelation of the Truth to us.

Thomas M. Park
Darrington, Washington


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, August, 1901

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