Christian Science Testimony

         With much gratitude I have turned again and again to the promise in Ezekiel: "I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him." This promise has indeed been fulfilled in our home. Christian Science was first brought to us when I was four years old by my grandmother, who came to visit us from a distant city. She had been healed by the truth and was radiant with this newly found spiritual joy. But in spite of the many proofs of its healing efficacy while she was with us, we were not ready to accept it and became very bitter toward her and what we thought Christian Science to be, thinking that she had become a religious fanatic.

         In the years that followed this experience we had a great sorrow and many distressing times of sickness and lack, until I reached the age of twelve. At this time my father was visiting at the home of his brother who loaned him a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, which he brought home to me, saying that he had read it and found that it was really the truth for which we had been searching. He also told me that it would answer all of the questions I had asked him so many times about the Bible and God. I literally devoured the textbook, and my Bible became a precious possession. However, this spiritual progress was not to be continued very long, as my mother's thought was apparently as antagonistic as ever. The textbook was put away and we were told never to look at it again.

         Under protest, I continued to attend a Protestant Sunday school until two years later, when I became very ill and had to be taken out of school. After being under a physician's care for several months, and in the meantime pondering in my heart some of the spiritual facts gleaned from that short reading of Science and Health, I asked to be allowed to attend the Christian Science Sunday school. With due deliberation on my mother's part, she reluctantly consented to allow me to go for just one Sunday. I went, and was healed that day, during the explanation of the lesson on "God," of heart trouble and an abscess which had been discharging for weeks. I shall never forget the realization of God's allness which was given me during that hour. It has indeed been a firm foundation on which to build. After such a proof of the fruits of Christian Science as this, I was allowed to continue in the Sunday school and was also able to return to school and finish my education.

         In the fifteen years that have followed, every one of our family of eight has become interested in Christian Science, and there have been no material remedies of any kind in our home for over twelve years. We have had a home filled with harmony. There has been wonderful protection from accidents and also many physical healings, among which have been the instantaneous healing of diphtheria, pneumonia, acute indigestion, a severe case of blood poisoning, of ptomaine poisoning, and a painless childbirth. My mother was also healed of a growth in a very few weeks by her own study of the Bible and the textbook.

         Words cannot express my gratitude to Mary Baker Eddy for her life of consecration and for the true sense of the motive and purpose of prayer which she has given to the world and which has given me the wisdom to meet so many of the problems that come to young people while receiving their education and entering upon the larger duties of life. My life has been one of God's constant protection and loving care, and there has been no problem too severe for His saving grace since I have tried to become obedient to the imperative demands of the Love which is Principle.

         I am grateful for the privilege of class instruction and to be in the work for our cause at this time.

Ida Marie Parr
Oswego, New York


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, March 4, 1922

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