Christian Science Testimony

         In one of the recitation rooms of a large public school were gathered five or six pupils with their teacher for a few moments' recreation, when it was proposed by a boy whom this teacher had several times magnetized [i.e., hypnotized], that she try what she could do with those present. The teacher reluctantly consented, and in a short time (by the laying on of hands) one after another obeyed her will; one going to the piano and playing until the teacher was obliged to stop her. A delicately organized young girl, who dearly loved this teacher, entered the room, ignorant alike of what they were doing and of what magnetism claims to be. At a signal from the children the teacher placed her hands upon the shoulders of this girl, and in the same manner tried to bring her under her control. An impatient push from the teacher caused the child to turn wonderingly toward her and ask,

         "What are you doing?"

         "I have been trying to magnetize you," said the teacher, "you are the only one whom I cannot influence."

         The key to this little incident is this. The guardian of this unmagnetizable little girl feels herself a babe in Christian Science, having only very recently studied. For a week previous to this incident, she had been zealous in denying the reality of animal magnetism in all its forms, protecting her children with the mantle of Truth. She heard with joy that this child did not respond to this first pointed attack of the enemy. May this encourage us all to constantly protect our families and friends, wherever they may be, from this common foe. . . .


"Christian Science a Wall of Protection"
The Christian Science Journal, April, 1889


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