Christian Science Testimony

         About eight years ago Christian Science was brought to my notice by one who had been healed. At that time I was suffering from several so-called incurable diseases, and three of the best medical doctors refused to prescribe, knowing that they could do nothing for me. I had what is called a "broken-down system," and also too much flesh around the heart. As I had been a heavy drinker, my stomach was "burned out." The doctors claimed there was no use in prescribing for the latter. I also had other ailments, — bad blood and rheumatism. To mortal sense I was in dreadful shape. I could hardly get out of bed, as there was scarcely any action in the entire system. I had barely enough strength to walk around.

         At that period I began to read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy, and with the help of a practitioner in a few months I knew that I could be healed of all my ailments if I would but follow this blessed truth in the right way. As I had lived all my life through cunning and trickery, the hardest thing seemed to be to break away from my so-called friends and their false sense of life; but about six years ago I was able to do this. In all the years since, I have used no material remedy, but have relied entirely on Christian Science. Ninety percent of my ailments have vanished; and the error that is left grows less. I have been transformed in thought and deed, — mentally, morally, and physically. I have also been able to overcome the tobacco and liquor habits. From what has been said, it may be seen that nothing short of the second appearing of the Christ, as revealed in Christian Science, could have brought about such marvelous healings.

         I give this testimony with a deep sense of gratitude to God; to Christ Jesus, our Way-shower; to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy; and to all the loving practitioners who have helped me on my way from sense to Soul.

Daniel G. Reed
Chicago, Illinois


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, March 21, 1925

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