Christian Science Testimony

         I am more grateful than words can express for my first healing through the application of Christian Science, which occurred about ten years ago. From early childhood I usually had two or three attacks of tonsillitis each winter. At the time of my healing I suffered for several days before asking for help.

         On her first visit the practitioner left a little pamphlet on Christian Science at the foot of my bed, and asked me to read it. I was filled with resentment because I had been asked to do something, and for a long time debated whether I should make the effort to reach the article. To mortal sense I was very weak, having been unable to eat or to drink even water for ten days. Then the thought came to me, "Well, you can at least be obedient." Never have I been more uplifted than from reading that article. When the practitioner returned late that evening and was treating me, I could feel the very presence of God in that room. I felt my throat relax, and soon I fell asleep. And I slept peacefully all night, for the first time in ten nights.

         The next morning I arose and dressed. There was not a particle of soreness in my throat or weakness from fever and lack of nourishment. I ate a very hearty breakfast, much to the amazement of everyone. I was completely and permanently healed. I am deeply grateful to God for this and for many other healings through the study and application of Christian Science.

Maude Hunter Sellers
Shreveport, Louisiana


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1929

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