Christian Science Testimony

         With a heart full of gratitude to God and to the Founder of Christian Science, as well as with the desire to obey the golden rule, I give this testimony of the healing power of Christian Science as it has been demonstrated in our home.

         In the fall of 1913 my wife was declared insane by our physician, who had certainly done all that he could for her. After an examination she was consigned to the state hospital at Hastings, Nebraska, in which state we were then living. While there she received treatment from nerve specialists, but without any apparent improvement, and at the end of a year was declared incurable. On the advice of a friend who had seen proofs of the power of Christian Science to heal, I then engaged a practitioner to treat my wife. After about a month's treatment my wife wrote to me for the first time since she was taken away; and her letters continued to come and to show gradual improvement, until the spring of 1915, when we considered her completely healed and I was permitted to bring her home. She has resumed the care of our two little children, and is as capable as anyone to care for and to help establish our home.

         Words cannot express the joy that has come to us with this demonstration, and it is our earnest desire to grow in the knowledge of Christ and to be able to help others as we have been helped.

E. H. Spencer
Wray, Colorado


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 15, 1917

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