Christian Science Testimony

          Nearly five years ago Christian Science was suggested to me by a lady who, though not a Scientist, had known of its healing.

         I had been for seventeen years a sufferer from stomach trouble. I had tried various physicians, drugs, and medicinal waters, and while I seemed to improve, it would be for only a short time. At last I tried Christian Science because I was tired of taking so much medicine, and in two weeks I was healed entirely, not only of my stomach trouble but also of neuralgia, from which I had suffered intensely for five or six years.

         I at once took up the study of Science and Health and soon found it unnecessary to wear glasses, which I had used for years when sewing or reading. Other ailments gradually left me, and in a very short time I was a perfectly well woman. Since then every disease which has been manifested in our family of six has been cured by Christian Science.

         For these proofs of the efficacy of Christian Science, I am grateful to our Leader who, by her faithful adherence to Principle, has shown us the way. I am also grateful to the teacher and practitioner who so lovingly and patiently helped me in the battle with error.

Laura H. Stokes
Chicago, Illinois


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1904

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