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         While living in Chicago, near Christmas, 1906, a skin disease broke out on my feet. I used some local applications for a few days, but as a change for the worse quickly set in, I went to see a doctor, who examined me and said it was a case of metallic poisoning in its worst form. He asked what business I worked at, and I told him I had been in the brass business for over twenty-four years. His comment was that no one could stand it as long as I had done. Instead of getting better I grew worse; my hands became as bad as my feet, and the suffering was so great that I often had to cry, like a child.

         In February, 1907, a friend of my wife came to our house one evening and asked me why, if doctors could do nothing for me, I did not try Christian Science. I did not even answer that good woman, as my wife had been healed in Christian Science of an illness of over seven years' standing, and even then I was against it, as I could not believe anyone had the power to heal the sick as Christ Jesus did. I therefore kept on in the old way, suffering and trying different doctors, until July, 1907, when I discarded all drugs and asked the friend who had offered me Christian Science to get some one to help me, and she did. To tell the truth, often in my suffering and pain I had recalled her words; so I did try Christian Science, and with six treatments I was healed not only of the poisoning, but of other ills. I had used glasses, as my eyes had given out, and I also had a rectal trouble for five years. I could not hear with my right ear, and every spring and fall I had a cold. My sense of fear is, however, gone, and I have not had anything in that line for the last four years.

         One year after I was healed in Christian Science the tobacco habit left me, and never since have I had a desire for tobacco. My eyes were healed from the time the practitioner had explained to me what God and man are as understood in Christian Science. We had "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" in the house for years, but I never wanted to know what was in it, until God opened my eyes. I then started to read it to find out what it was that had healed me, and today I know it was God. Since then, through the understanding I got in studying Christian Science, I have been able to help myself and others, and in trying to follow this teaching I have learned that God is our protector, as this is proved to me daily. I have been in two street-car accidents where many people were injured, but I was saved except that I had two fingers badly hurt. A doctor was going to amputate one finger the next day, but I refused his services and got a Christian Science practitioner to help me. The pain stopped, I never lost a minute's sleep, and one week later my fingers were healed.

         A year ago a gentleman who was sick came to me. He had been told that I was healed in Christian Science and he wanted to know what it was, so I explained to him what God and Christian Science are, as well as I knew how. In a little while the man got up, saying, "I am healed, and never in my life did anyone tell me how good God is as you have done." The man was well educated, but he did not know how to free himself from the belief that evil has power until I explained to him that God is all-power and that evil or devil is not power; that God never made evil or a devil.

         Recently I met a friend who had known the condition I was is before I came to Science. He was so surprised to see the changes for good in me that he said there must be something in Christian Science, otherwise I could not look as well as I do. I am still in the brass business, and am healthier and feel better than I ever did. I am indeed grateful to God for the healing and spiritual understanding which I got through studying Christian Science. I am also thankful to Mrs. Eddy for giving us the truth.

Peter Thinnes
Detroit, Michigan

         I add my testimony to that of my husband as an expression of heartfelt gratitude to God, also to Mrs. Eddy, for our many blessings. It is thirteen years since I was healed of extreme nervous illness of over seven years' standing, after we had tried the best doctors we could get in Milwaukee, Wis., where we lived at that time. I can testify that God as our protector has kept me well ever since, although I had to struggle hard for years, as my husband did not want to hear about going to a church and would not even let me go to the Christian Science meetings. Finally, when he was sick, a number of years after my healing, and materia medica could do no more for him, he turned to God and found help in Christian Science. Since then we attend the services together most regularly. Words cannot express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me.

Kate Thinnes


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, November 9, 1912

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