Christian Science Testimony
[Translated from the German]

         Having had many proofs in our family of the healing power of Truth, I am very glad to relate a special case in which healing was wrought through Christian Science. About a year and a half ago my brother came from Bremen to Herford for a rest, having suffered for a long time with his head; but instead of experiencing relief, as he had hoped, his condition grew so serious that he had to seek medical advice. He consulted several physicians, but without gaining relief. One of the physicians who had made an X-ray examination and with whom I conferred, informed me that there was little hope of recovery for my brother, the examination having revealed the presence of a malignant growth on the brain. He added that an operation would be useless.

         In the mean while my brother's condition became aggravated, and this necessitated our taking him to the hospital. His own words were that death alone could put an end to his dreadful suffering. During his stay at the hospital the patient continued to lose, and hypodermics were administered daily in order to bring him some measure of relief. While he was in this hopeless condition Christian Science was recommended, and my brother at once said he was willing to give it a trial. We applied to a Christian Science practitioner in Berlin, who lovingly took up absent treatment. My brother's healing was almost instantaneous, and caused the physicians to wonder. The pain left him, but his eyes seemed so much affected by the disease that he saw everything double. However, the practitioner having been notified of this condition, it also vanished with one treatment. The physicians kept him at the hospital a few weeks longer, but as no relapse occurred during that time he was dismissed entirely healed, and today is engaged in his trade as formerly.

         The above experience makes me feel deeply thankful to God, and grateful to Mrs. Eddy, as I was led through it to Christian Science. Since then my life has been happy and contented, and my constant endeavor is through faithful study to gain a better understanding and to attain to a deeper realization of the glorious truth expounded to us in the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

Wilhelm Tiemann
Herford i.W., Germany


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1916

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