Christian Science Testimony

         . . . I had a cold that I tried to conquer with my own understanding of Christian Science. I had been able to destroy the same false sense many times before with the knowledge that in the tender warmth of divine Love there is no place for cold. Many colds had melted into nothingness before that clear thought; but this one, instead, grew worse probably because unconsciously I may have used the words as a formula. Finally, after coughing incessantly all one day, I went to a practitioner's office in the evening. Choking back the cough as much as possible, I made little explanation, merely saying that I needed help. Instead of commenting upon the cold in any way, this wise advocate revealed to my thought something of the magnitude and wonder of the great mission of Christian Science the redemption of the world. As I welcomed these inspiring thoughts my own little problem dwindled to its proper proportions; namely, merely one more falsity to be destroyed, thereby lessening by just so much the sum total of human misery. Soon I realized that the strangling irritation in my throat was beginning to pass off; and although I listened attentively to what was being said, I was also conscious of the physical healing as it was taking place. I could almost watch it go, as one would watch the rolling away of a cloud. In less than five minutes the cough had entirely gone! I was so overawed by this instantaneous healing that I could not even mention it; and the practitioner did not know it until I telephoned him the next day. Other members of my family also have received remarkable help. . . .

Lillian Stockwell Trask
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, December, 1922

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