Christian Science Testimony

"The truth in regard to your Leader heals the sick and saves the sinner."
Mary Baker Eddy (From a letter to Judge Septimus J. Hanna, CSD)

         ". . . Today we often need specifically to handle hatred against Truth and its revelator before physical healing can be fully brought forth. This particular form of error is one of the carnal mind's most subtle attempts to obstruct the full glory of physical healing in our movement today, and it would deceive the very elect. . . . In our healing work it is essential to deal with malpractice against Mrs. Eddy, who represented the divine idea, as an important part of our counteracting the animal magnetism operating against the healing Truth itself. I am deeply convinced that bringing our Leader's name and place more into the front line of our practice and handling the world's resistance against her divine mission can do more to facilitate good and quick healing than any other single factor." E. Vera Gorringe Plimmer, CSB (From The Christian Science Journal, October, 1969)

         A Christian Scientist recently wrote to us:

         The July copy [of The Christian Science Standard] was especially interesting, as at the time I received it I was having a problem with a painful arm, probably a pulled muscle. While reading about the importance of Mary Baker Eddy's mission and purpose, I felt within myself that the problem had been 'broken.' The healing started at that point and is now complete. It seems to me that a physical problem may be nothing more than a failure to recognise Mrs. Eddy's place in prophecy.

         A few years ago I spent an hour explaining to a friend why Mrs. Eddy couldn't be the woman of the Apocalypse, then in the afternoon my leg cramped making it difficult to walk. I got the books out, studied, etc, then it occured to me that I could be wrong! It was only when I seriously considered the possibility that she could be the woman in the Apocalypse, that the leg uncramped itself and I could walk again.

         Thank you for helping to give a 'True estimate of God's messenger' (see Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 560) . . .

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