Christian Science Testimony

         Feeling that perhaps my experience may aid a fellow traveler on his way, I think it my duty (as it is a pleasure) to write of some of my experiences in Christian Science. Being born in a southern state I was reared among a family of tobacco smokers, and it seemed as natural to use tobacco as it was to drink water. When a mere boy, therefore I began to smoke and continued to do so for a number of years during all my waking hours. At different times I quit for set periods, and while I kept my word about this with myself, and stopped or slowed down as I had promised myself to do, yet it was always a seeming deprivation and I began again with great so-called pleasure to use the weed at the end of the set period. This continued from the time I was about eleven years old until I was thirty years of age, in 1898. I then took class instruction under a loyal student of Mrs. Eddy, and while so doing the habit left me without any effort on my part. I smoked all the way up to the city and while there the first day, but after attending a few sessions of the class I forgot to buy cigars. I have never had the slightest desire to resume the habit, though constantly in the company of smokers.

         Since then I have had many proofs of the protection of Mind, including the instantaneous removal of a foreign body from one of my eyes. I first tried to get it out with a handkerchief tip and eyeglass, but was unsuccessful. After worrying with it for hours I went to a practitioner for treatment, and it was gone in an instant. I am thankful to God, and grateful to Mrs. Eddy for giving to the world this great truth that heals.

R. S. Trulock
El Reno, Oklahoma


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, October 26, 1918

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