Christian Science Testimony

          Three years last month I went to a Christian Scientist with the hope that I might get strength enough to enable me to get to my sister's home in the east to die, as I had no expectation of being cured or having my life prolonged for any length of time. I had been told to prepare to die, and while it was a hard saying to me, I accepted it as inevitable. I had been given up by five well-known physicians. They all said I could live only a short time, as they were agreed that I had quick consumption.

          One Dr. very kindly said when I went to him to be examined, hearing that he was skilled in such cases, "Madam you will not live six months. You have quick consumption, — the quickest kind, called galloping consumption. I believe in telling a person what is the matter when I am asked." I paid him $5.00 and left. The doctors who had been treating me said, It is no use giving you any more medicine; take good care of yourself and you will live longer than by taking medicine.

          The physicians had said my right lung was all gone. I could not use my right arm, and had not slept for over a year without morphine, having taken it all the time to deaden the pain. They said my liver was enlarged, and that I had nearly everything in the shape of disease.

          At this point a neighbor of mine who had a friend who had been healed through Christian Science said, Go to a Christian Scientist it will do you no harm to try it; so I went. I threw away all the medicines willingly for I knew that if God did not help me there was no help for me, all other means having failed. For three days I seemed better. Then for ten days I was worse in every way. Then I changed for the better and came out of it all. In three weeks I could walk five or six miles and not feel fatigued. I felt strong and well, and very thankful for my wonderful recovery. My husband was healed at the same time of a catarrhal trouble of twenty years standing. He was healed so quietly that he did not realize the change, and one day said in wonder, "I am all well. I wonder when it went." It is needless to add that since that time we are both striving to do the good work, to follow in the footsteps of the dear Master, and to be worthy the name of Christian Scientist.

Mrs. Charles Wentzel
Tacomah, Washington


"Notes from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1893


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