Christian Science Testimony

         From a heart filled with gratitude to the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, and with a prayerful desire to help those who may be discouraged over a slow healing, I give the following testimony.

         Some years ago a malignant growth started in my throat, causing an obstruction so large that it was almost impossible to eat solid food. The condition gradually spread through the mouth and nose and covered about two thirds of the face. The mental suffering over the disease was as great as the physical, and I was constantly being urged to submit to an operation. But I knew that the operation of Truth was healing in spite of the sense-testimony. Nearly three years of this time there was a complete loss of voice; and the verdict was that there never could be a return of voice, as the vocal chords were injured. Although I have not even now a singing voice, yet I can be plainly heard in a large hall. During this time I was believing that what meant my happiness was being taken away; and when a loving practitioner firmly pointed out that I was harboring thoughts of grief, self-pity, and great resentment, sore thoughts manifested in a sore body, then the healing quickly followed! This healing covered a period of seven years, and I am more grateful for the lessons learned through that experience than for the instantaneous healing of lung trouble and nervousness which I experienced in 1896, although I am grateful that because of that earlier healing the seed of Truth was firmly planted.

         Since that first healing in the fall of 1896, I have relied wholly on Christian Science to solve all problems; and it has never failed when rightly applied. ...

Mary C. Van Sant
Berkeley, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1926

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