Christian Science Testimony

         I have been completely restored to health through Christian Science. Words cannot express my gratitude for having been shown the way of Truth, Life, and Love. For about ten years I was a sufferer from nervousness and many serious physical disorders, which finally resulted in a very serious mental condition. I know that sickness is not of God, good; and that love, peace, joy, harmony, and happiness reign in our life when God is in our heart. I tried several physicians, but received no relief whatever.

         My case was given up, and I was sent to a sanitarium for people who are mentally unbalanced. While there I borrowed a copy of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. I read it continually, as I had been informed of the wonderful healings that had come about through the reading of the book. The testimonies of healing at the end of the book did me a world of good. I knew that if God healed those people He would heal me, and that He was my only salvation; so I began to lean on Him. In a short time I was taken home.

         Just as soon as I decided to take this step I felt that I was on the road to recovery. At first I needed help; so I went to a Christian Science practitioner, who treated me for a week. I think the gift that God has given us is wonderful the power through prayer to heal the sick and the sinning. I then decided I could help myself, with God as my ever present guide. A dear friend lent me her copy of Science and Health, and I continued reading. The more I read the more I understood God's meaning of right thinking and right living, until now I am like a new person, in perfect health. I have great peace of mind; contentment, joy, harmony, and happiness rule my life.

         When we are once healed by Christian Science, we are better men and women. I can speak from experience. I have certainly been "born again;" and I know that I shall never forget what the Christ, Truth, has done for me.

         Oh, that everyone knew of the ever present healing power of divine Love. I had faith in God; but in order to be healed by Him we must pray understandingly, trust, watch, and wait. No one knows the joy I have in my heart today. I am so grateful that I am able to write this testimony of Christ's healing power.

         I have purchased Science and Health, study the Lesson-Sermon, and find it a great help in my daily life. I am so grateful to the dear practitioner for her wonderful help in my hour of need, and also for our periodicals and the Christian Science lectures. I enjoy reading them very much. I am also thankful to everyone who helped me through my trials.

Muriel Vaughan
Fruto, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, October, 1928

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