Christian Science Testimony

         "I note that you would like a statement on the effect of the teachings of Christian Science on certain of the inmates of this institution, particularly ----.

         "This prisoner was received ---- to serve a life sentence for murder in the first degree. We were compelled to maintain him in solitary confinement most of his time; and he at one time made an attempt to assault a guard with the intention of escaping. He became interested in the teachings of Christian Science, and shortly afterwards when I visited his cell he told me that it was not necessary to confine him any longer, that he wished to conform with all the prison rules and would do any work that was assigned him. I decided to give him a chance and assigned him to the prison laundry, and later transferred him to the prison library, where he is now. Since that time his conduct has been excellent and he is one of the best behaved prisoners we have at this time. He gets [Christian] Science literature regularly and it seems evident that its teachings have uplifted him. We have Christian Science services every Sunday at our chapel with fairly good attendance, and it seems to me that the teachings tend to make the prisoners more obedient and willing to do the work assigned to them."


"Extracts from Letters"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 13, 1919

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