Christian Science Testimony

         . . . When [Christian] Science came to me I was a very unhappy, dissatisfied woman, without a ray of hope that the future would be any less dreary than the past had been. It seemed to me that I was here without any consent of my own, obliged to endure the turmoil and strife of a daily struggle for existence. All around me were contention and rivalry. Jealousy and greed, envy and hate, seemed to rule the world.

         With an inexpressible longing I yearned for something higher and better, but knew not how to obtain it. I knew a few very few people who seemed happy and satisfied, but the great mass of mankind were like sheep without a shepherd. Why are we here? and what is it all for? were questions which daily confronted me, and I sought in vain for an answer. So great was my desire to know what came after death that it was robbed of all fear, and I looked with feelings akin to envy upon those who were fortunate enough to pass on. I sought solace in study and travel. The Bible was a sealed book to me.

         Now how changed are all things! God as Life, Truth, and Love, as Divine Mind, reveals a new world wherein old things pass away. Truly, the people that walked in darkness have seen a great light, is clearly demonstrated in my case. I had heard of Christian Science for several years, had known of a number of cases of healing, but as I thought Science was only a new system of healing and I was a healthy woman, I gave it no thought. But when finally, after considerable hesitation, I attended First Church of Christ, Scientist, Chicago, I felt from the joyous, happy faces of those in attendance that they had an insight into life that I did not possess, and after pondering it a while I decided that even if I could not accept all of what I thought was their teachings, I would take what I could.

         About this time a dear Scientist sent me an invitation to hear Mrs. Knott lecture. I came away from that lecture feeling much as I think Paul felt on the road to Damascus. So great was the power of Truth that I was a changed woman. Immediately I bought "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and that, together with my Bible, has been my daily companion.

         Every day gives me fresh proofs of God's goodness, and the trials which seemed to make my life a burden, were only purifying fires removing the dross. . . .

Elma E. Williams
La Fayette, Illinois


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, November, 1901

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